June 16th 2016 

Today was wild. Absolutely wild. 

It started with a job offer, and then a job interview, and then my sister became a doctor, and then England beat Wales in the last minute and there were limbs everywhere. 

Let me break that down. 

I got an email from my recruitment agent saying she’d be in touch soon with some good news. I’d interviewed for a job, and I could guess what the good news would be. 

But the thing is, I got that email just before I left to go to an interview for a different company. And I think today’s interview went super well, and she seemed to like me. She told me that she’d been reading my blog posts (EEP!), and she loved my writing style, so she knew I was interviewing for other jobs as well. Which made things complicated. 

Shortly after I left the interview I was offered the other job officially. I’ve not yet heard back about today’s interview, but everything is like super complicated, but also like super positive. 

I went home in pretty high spirits and met with a friend at the pub. I watched as grown men tore off their shirts, threw beers at the ceiling, and danced around with traffic cones on their heads. England won the game. Woo! Sports! Some random drunk dude tried to encase me in an embrace but I am not about that life. 

At some point between England’s first and second goal I got a phone call from my mum. She was in tears. I knew that we were expecting Kirsytn’s exam results today, but I couldn’t infer over the phone whether they were happy or sad tears. I guessed at happy, and was right. She passed her final year at medical school. She’s officially a doctor. 

What a day. 

We’re all, like, super super proud of her. A doctor in the family, who’d’ve thunk it?  She deserves it. She works bloomin’ hard. Well done, kid. 

So I guess now we’re all sorted. Kirstyn has a job ready to walk in to, it seems like I’m heading that way too, Genine’s had her life sorted for years. And now Mum and Dad can have their lives back and go travel Europe or something. Their job is done. 

Until tomorrow, the kids done good. 


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