June 22nd 2016

Today I found a spare hour to write. I started writing a new story a few weeks ago, I sat down and smashed out like 2500 words without noticing. But then I got busy with work, and interviews, and I didn’t find any time to continue it. 

Today I managed to write another 1000 or so words. I got to just sit down in the Waterstones cafe with my MacBook, open the word document and bleed on to the page. This is my favourite kind of story to write because it doesn’t require any effort, it’s just an original concept that I’ve got in my head and it just spills out when I start writing. A few other projects I have on at the moment are slightly more ambitious, and they’d need proper research and planning, but this one I can just go for it. And that’s what I need at the moment, it’s a story based slightly on my own experiences, meaning that I’ve already lived it, so it’s easy to write about. 

I started writing and an hour had passed before I’d even blinked, and somehow there were 1000 more words in the document. When I’m in the zone like that I love it, and it’s easy, but my problem is that I struggle to find that zone. Doing is easy, starting is hard. 

If I had no other commitments then it would be so much easier. I’d sit at a desk and write. But that desk would have to be a kerb on the street outside, and the MacBook would be a discarded pizza box, because if that’s all I did all day I wouldn’t be able to afford to live. Because I have other duties and responsibilities, and I even have bills. I wish I could commit two hours a day every day to sit and write, but at the moment that’s unrealistic. 

Until tomorrow, maybe soon though. 


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