June 23rd 2016

Today the people of the UK voted in the referendum on whether or not they want to leave the European Union. I personally didn’t vote. I’ve been an eligible voter for 4 and a half years and I’ve never exercised that particular right. I’ve never felt the need. A girl at work today asked me if I’d voted and was shocked when I said I hadn’t. She asked me why I didn’t.

I didn’t vote because I am not knowledgeable or passionate enough about either side of the argument to feel like I’d be making an informed decision. I’ve never had much of an interest in politics, I’ve never understood or cared about it really. I appreciate that politics surrounds me and guides and structures my life, but I’ve always accepted that the politicians will keep to the politics and I’ll just worry about my self. I know that there are a bunch of clever people in politics, and probably also some not so clever ones, so I’ll just let them sort themselves out.

I know that the decisions they make, and the decision that the country makes today will affect me personally, I’m just not really bothered what way it goes. If I had to decide I’d tick the box that says “Remain”, although that would probably make my vote void because you’re not supposed to tick it, right? You’re supposed to cross it. I don’t know, I’ve never been to a polling station.

I got one of those postal voting cards through the post, and I probably could’ve filled it out, it would’ve been easy enough probably. I just… I dunno… I didn’t. I’m sure that there are many valid reasons to have voted either way, but I’d’ve felt like a bit of a fraud if I voted for something that I didn’t truly understand or believe in.


“But if you didn’t know what to vote then you should’ve voted remain because then you get another chance to vote when you’ve made up your mind” blah blah blah. I know.

There’s also the fact that I am one voter in a pool of 50 millions. I know that I don’t make a difference. And I know that if everyone thought like that then no one would vote. But I’m not talking about every one else, I’m talking about me.

Thusly, I fully relinquish my right to complain in the event that the country goes ass over tits as a result of this referendum swinging either way.

My only opinion on the whole #Brexit situation is that the “Remain” campaign would’ve got far more traction if they weren’t branded “#Bremain”

Until tomorrow, we’ll find out what happens.



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