June 24th 2016

Today was long, partially due to the fact that I woke up uncharacteristically early to check the results of the referendum. Britain voted to leave the EU. Interesting. I chucked on the news and the ticker tape that scrolls across the bottom of the page was basically announcing the apocalypse. The pound was worthless, the PM resigned, the country lost £350b overnight. Watching that broadcast felt like the opening scene from “Children Of Men”, where the end of the world was being live streamed on the news. I expected riots, protests, anarchy. 

So far – nothing. Britain reacted with angry tweets and petitions. Nice to see that we kept our UK-ness, even if we lost our EU-ness. 

It feels like ages ago that that happened, and I was scrolling through my Twitter watching the meltdown. But things calmed down and I lost interest and went and did my own thing. 

I went to a coffee shop and bought my flat white with the points on my Costa card. My Costa card currency didn’t crash over night, like the pound did. 

I noticed that they were selling these  chocolate Euro coins for £1.00. One euro for one pound, I think they call that foreshadowing.

I’m not clever enough to know what happens next, I don’t know whether leaving the EU will benefit or hinder us, that’s why I didn’t show up to the polling station yesterday, I left the voting to the informed. 

Although it seems that the informed were either 1) uninformed 2) lied to. It’s truly shocking to think that a politician would lie and make empty promises in order to win a vote. Absolutely unprecedented. 

That’s basically why I don’t like politics: too many politicians. 

So I stay out of it, and my country has voted Brexit for me and decided that we’re best off without a handhold in the EU. 

Until tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes.


One thought on “Brexit

  1. I don’t really understand everything behind Britain leaving the EU. All I know is that just like with everything, some are happy, others are angry. That’s just how the world works I guess.


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