June 25th 2016

Today I woke up suddenly and realised that I’d forgotten to write a blog post today. 

I came to Alices after work and fell asleep without uploading a blog, I guess I must’ve been pretty tired. Alice and I were both sound asleep until something jolted us awake, and only at that point did I realise that I hadn’t blogged. 

Had I not’ve woken up, then it would have been my first ever time missing an upload since I started this daily posts thing 1.5 years ago. But I guess something inside one of us knew that, and woke us up before I spoiled the streak. 

I don’t know why this daily upload is as important to me as it is. I’d’ve hated myself if I woke up tomorrow morning and realised that I’d forgot. But, thankfully, I woke up. 

If I broke the streak then there would be almost no point in carrying on, because it’s the main thing that keeps me writing when I’m feeling uninspired or bored of it. If I didn’t have this self imposed daily deadline then I’d feel less obliged to write blog posts, and thus I wouldn’t. If I missed a day then I’d probably pack it all in. 

Until tomorrow, this blog lives another day. 


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