June 26th 2016

Today I went to Bristol’s Cribbs Causeway shopping centre to invest in a bunch of work clothes ready to start my new job a week tomorrow. 

I ended up buying maybe 50% work clothes, and 50% casual clothes, but I got everything I needed too. I had to stock up on shirts and trousers. Because I now have a job that requires a shirt that isn’t embroidered with the Pizza Hut logo. I mean, technically I’ve worn a shirt and trousers to work for six years. But this feels different. Now they’re shirts with stripes and patterns, and I even bought a pink (!!!!) one. 

I’ve previously made reference to the fact that I enjoy “suiting up” and although I don’t think my new job requires shirt/tie/blazer, it still feels more official and more proper and more grown up that I’ve gotta wear formal work clothes. 

One downside of having to buy all these nice new work clothes is having to buy them. With money. I’ve always disliked spending money, and rarely spend it on clothes. But this feels more of an investment than a splurge. Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Maybe when I’ve got myself settled in this proper job and it’s proper pay check then I won’t mind spending money as much, but I’ve always said that I’d rather have money than spend money. 

I pick up a shirt or a jumper and think “£40?” I could fly half way to Spain for that. 

Until tomorrow, buenos nachos. 


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