June 27th 2016

Today I started a new journal. Two, actually. It’s something I bought from Waterstones yesterday, it gives you daily writing challenges that urge you to be more creative in a bid to inspire you.

FullSizeRender 13.jpg

The first thing it asks you is “Why did you buy this journal?” which is pretty meta, but I had an answer.

I bought it to challenge me, to help me write with more description. At the moment, I’m an okay writer. I think of myself as more of a storyteller, because that’s my strength. But I don’t write in massively descriptive and beautiful prose because, well, firstly because I cba, and secondly because I don’t find it interesting. I find story more interesting than description, but I’m aware that sometimes you need both.

So the journal is supposed to inspire you to write about things that are a bit different. It encourages you to look at things in new ways, and write about it. And hopefully it will teach you something about your writing, and improve it somehow. I’ve told myself I’ll do one of the challenges every day, and see where that takes me.

The second book does the same thing, but it does it in fewer words. The exercises I was doing today were like “Tweet the entire plot of Hamlet in 140 characters” and “Write a guide on how to build a snowman” it’s simple stuff but it gets you thinking about how you can do it differently, or within the restrictions or whatever. I carried on working through that book until I ran out of time, and it was fun completing the various challenges.

At the end I tested what I’d learnt and wrote a poem. Because why not.

I call this blog ‘writing practice’ because it keeps me writing a bit every day, to make sure I don’t forget how. But this blog is just basic story telling (with occasional sarcastic parenthesis for comedic effect), and it doesn’t actually require creation or imagination. Hopefully my new purchases will involve that, and I can flex my creative muscles, as well as my story telling ones. If that’s, like, anatomically possible.

Until tomorrow, find inspiration.


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