June 28th 2016

Today was my last Tuesday golf session with my Grandad. 

(Basically) every week for the past year I have spent Tuesday mornings at the driving range with my Grandad and his friend. We’ve been meeting at just gone eleven o’clock on Tuesday mornings for years. All through college I would meet them on a Tuesday for golf, it stopped when I went to uni and continued again in the summer break. And since I graduated and have a job where I mainly work night shifts, for the past year I’ve been able to go to golf every week with one of my favourite people. 

That all changes next week. On Monday I start a new job, a 9-6 job that will mean the end of Tuesday morning golf sessions with Grandad. 

It’s a shame that I won’t be able to go to golf any more, but I’m excited for my new job so it’s kinda bittersweet. 

I love my Grandad, he’s crazy and quirky and has this funny sense of humour and he says I’m the only one who properly ‘gets’ it. I’ll miss our Tuesday trips to the driving range, for sure. 

He says he doesn’t go for the golf any more, he goes for the company and the conversation. And that’s the same for me. Golf is just the excuse to facilitate spending time with him. We spend more time sitting in the clubhouse chatting over a coffee than we do actually hitting balls. 

Years ago we used to hit 60 balls each, then have lunch, then go back and hit another 60 each. Now we have 120 between us to last both sessions. Some weeks, when he’s feeling up to it, he’ll hit 30 and I’ll hit 90. But if his knee/leg/wrist is hurting then he’ll hit about 5 and leave the rest to me. 

The golf isn’t important, as I said, it’s just an excuse. 

We’ve arranged to continue our Tuesday golf sessions, except they won’t be on a Tuesday, and we won’t play golf. He doesn’t have the energy to go to the range twice in one week, so we can’t go at the weekend. And anyway, he’s a creature of habit, my grandad, and Tuesday is the day he plays golf. Instead of the golf we might just go out for lunch or go out in the car somewhere. 

Until tomorrow, it’s basically the same except we’re driving on carriageways instead of fairways. 


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