July 7th 2016

Today I decided that there are simply not enough hours in the day. I’ve been awake since 6,30 and I got home twenty minutes ago, and I’ve not done anything. Well, I left the house at 7,30. Drove the hour to work. Worked for 9 hours. Drove the hour home. Went straight to see my girlfriend. And by the time I got there it was 7. So I had a couple hours with her and came home. I wanted to run today, but haven’t found the time. I’m still trying to figure out how I can fit a run around my work day. Because usually dinner is ready when I get home from work, and I don’t like to run after I’ve eaten for fairly obvious reasons.

There is a running club at work where a bunch of people go running at lunch time, but that would mean skipping food, which isn’t ideal. And lunch time was the only chance I got to just sit and read today. There’s a really nice place to sit and eat lunch and relax with a book. I’m working in Gloucester, near the docks, and it’s lovely – the bit I’ve seen is at least.


Pretty soon I’ll probably figure out a schedule that works for me. The lunch time run might be best, because I definitely won’t be able to go pre-work because that would mean getting up at half past stupid o’clock, and I’m too tired from a long day when I get home and all I wanna do is sleep and eat.

I’m also conscious of the fact that I’ve missed like a week of that creative writing journal I started doing, but I said that I’d probably stop after three days so at least I was correct in my prediction. That’s all it is: routine. Getting into a sleep schedule that suits a 9-6 job whilst also finding time to do other things like run, and read, and write, and make proper dinners, and pack lunches and see my girlfriend.

Until tomorrow, I’m angry at the Egyptians for only allocating 24 hours in the day because if they split the day into more hours I could get so much more done. 



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