July 10th 2016

Today I sat on my sofa and watched sports all day. I was left feeling both lazy and inspired by the determination and motivation of professional sportsmen.

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First, I watched Andy Murray triumph at Wimbledon. I watched as he cried whilst lifting the trophy because it meant so much. Twenty-five years of hard work culminated in his third grand slam singles title. And you’ve just got to respect it. The athleticism, the will, the determination to reach every single shot. It’s inspiring.

Later in the day I watched as Cristiano Ronaldo wept as he was stretched off injured 20 minutes into the European Championship final. He’d already left the field twice, injured and in tears, but both times he limped back on the field. Because he had to play. Ronaldo gets a lot of unjustified abuse from football fans for being egotistical, narcissistic and self-centred. (I’m aware that those three words are basically synonyms, but, y’know… rule of threes and that…) And yeah, he is those things. But he deserves to be them. Because he’s earned it. He is one of the most phenomenal athletes in the world, and it’s basically all accredited to hard work. The man is a machine, and it was actually quite upsetting to watch him get emotional as he succumbed to his injury.

Professional Sportsmen – Tennis players, footballers, race car drivers (I don’t think of that as a sport, but yeah) – are all at the top of their profession because of hard work. They each have a certain amount of inherent talent, and/or ability, but to get to that level all you’ve got to do is work fucking hard. And it’s kind of inspiring. Because hard work is easy. You can’t just go out and become talented, but you can work hard. Because that’s just a choice you make. You choose to commit your life, 10-12 hours a day, to your passion. And if you work hard enough then you’ll get there. Ali, Jordan, Woods, Gretzky, even fucking Phil “The Power” Taylor. You’ve just got to commit your life to something. You’ve got to take your passion and run with it. (and then depending on your chosen sport you shoot/throw/kick/swing/do-whatever-hockey-players-do-with-their-sticks with it) 

Ronaldo wants to win. He has to win. It’s inbuilt and instilled within his DNA, and now he has a European Championships trophy to show for it.

And it’s inspiring, no?

Until tomorrow, work hard.



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