July 12th 2016

Today I went along with my dad to his Tuesday night 6-aside football match. Although I am not a naturally talented footballer, I put in a decent performance by executing my strategy of being half a step quicker than the 50 year olds I was playing against. In total, I bagged five goals. A decent tally – if we ignore the fact that there wasn’t a keeper in goal four of them. I had one decent finish, receiving the ball from my dad and smacking it past the keeper in to the top corner. The rest of my goals were against an empty net as the ball was played forward and I was the first one to it, my only task was to not miss an open goal.

I was never a good footballer, but I’ve always liked it. I went along with my Dad more for the fun/cute bonding aspect of it; rather than the competitive sports side. My only ambition for the night was to not embarrass myself or my Dad, and I think I managed that. I was not blessed with quick feet, and I don’t have any upper body strength, thus I don’t possess the skillset to drive/dribble past people, so my game is more a tactical one. Float into space to receive the ball and then look up to find a pass.

I was surprised at the intensity of it. I run long distances without too much trouble, but lots of short sharp sprints wore me out pretty quick. My reprieve was when it was my turn to play ‘keeper. After every goal conceded or scored the keepers rotated. Bearing in mind that I was not wearing my glasses (for obvious reasons) I did not fancy my chances in goal. But with that being said, over my 5 or so stints in the net, I didn’t concede a goal. That was less to do with my goalkeeping prowess, and more due to the fact that every time I went in goal my team scored immediately and thus my stint would be over as quick as it started.

I did make one save though. With my shin. But, they all count. All in all, it went well. We won, I scored, and I didn’t get nutmegged and it was a decent bit of cardio. A pretty successful evening.

Until tomorrow, I can’t wait to make a fool of myself next week.



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