July 13th 2016

Today I attempted to start a habit of bringing lunch to work. Bored of my midday meal of a footlong Subway sandwich and a chocolate chunk cookie, and stung by the pain that I felt when I checked my online banking and saw five consecutive payments of £7.09 to “Subway Ltd Docks” I encouraged myself to start cooking food to take to work with me. With a 30 mile drive either side of a work day punctuated by a reasonably expensive lunch and the fact that I’ve never been paid monthly before – only ever weekly or fortnightly – the decision to bring a packed lunch was one for my wallet and my waistline.

Last night, after dinner, I started cooking. With the entire sum of my culinary expertise being “Things I learnt to cook at University so I did not starve to death” I whipped up the most classic of student dishes. Penne with tomato sauce and bacon because chicken is EXPENSIVE AS FUCK. Actually, that’s a lie – it wasn’t penne, it was the spiral pasta. With my family footing the food bill, I can finally afford the fanciness of fusilli.

I cooked my lunch but I remembered being told that you can’t put hot food in a fridge – for some as yet undiscovered reason – so I left it on the side and asked my Mum to remind me to put it in the fridge before I went to bed because I would definitely forget about it otherwise.

Naturally, I forgot all about it and my Mum put it in the fridge for me. When I was ready to leave for work this morning I pulled back the curtain from around the front door and saw a note.IMG_4860

Only then did I remember that my lunch was in the fridge. How cute of her.

In a similar vain, I’ve made myself a lunch for tomorrow – I experimented with ‘just add water’ cous cous and some fried spinach and lunch meats – and this time I remembered to put it in the fridge myself. However, I did stick the note back on the door. Just in case.


Taking lunch to work is all part of my effort to build a routine as I navigate and manage this new full-time work gig I’ve got going on.

Until tomorrow, your lunch is in the fridge.



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