July 16th 2016

Today I decided I want to live in a city. I’m in London for the weekend visiting a mate. We didn’t have anything planned today because the festival we were going to got cancelled. So instead we just zipped about London heading to different parks, and monuments. 

We headed to Greenwich park and hiked the hill to the observatory. From the top of the hill you can see all over London. 

In one eyeline you can see a park of manicured grass, the historically beautiful/beautifully historic (and wonderfully symmetrical) white brick Maritime Museum. The river and it’s forest. Above the forest is the skyline. London’s skyline. An industrial skyscraping skyline of bankers buildings and corporate towers kissing the clouds. 

It has everything. It’s complete. And I love it. 

It’s busy, sure. But it’s manageable. 

I’m not fond of the bustling streets. I don’t like having to barge your way through shoulder blades and shoulder bags. Underground it’s no better. The tube is hot, packed, and sweaty. But it works. It gets you everywhere. And there’s so many places to go. 

We were on the overground DLR for a bit, and we passed through Canary Wharf and it’s contrasting views of boats on one side and tower blocks on the other. 

It’s just so cool. 

I loved living in Cardiff for the same reason. How the busy streets were punctuated by well placed parks and wandering water sources. Cardiff was less busy than London, too. 

I’m a city boy living in a lonely town in Wiltshire. I’m looking forward to getting out of my town. And I might not go straight to a city, just to leave my town would be good enough for now. 

Moving to a city closer to work would be ideal. It would cut time off my commute and fulfill my desire for city living. 

My favourite part of today was going to a little coffee shop in Greenwich market. It was so individual, and unique. The coffee was great and the food was fantastic. The only places you can go in my home town are chain stores, chain restaurants, chain coffee shops. Places that are the same no matter what city you’re in. And I don’t like that. I like a quirky independent coffee shop because the drinks taste better. 

London has loads of that. Loads of individuality and independence. Cardiff had loads of that. There’s no room for that kinda stuff in a small town because the only thing people want in a small town is reliability. They don’t want creativity or individuality. They want Costa coffee and Nandos. 

Until tomorrow, I don’t want Costa coffee and Nandos. 


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