July 18th 2016

Today, for the first time in my life, I can say that I am a professional writer. Kinda.

I was a published writer a few years ago when I wrote for a magazine, that was cool – seeing my name in print. You only become a professional when you’re paid to do it. Well, today I uploaded the first article I’ve written for my new job. And although I guess technically I haven’t been paid yet because I’ve only been there two weeks, I’m now writing for a living. Which is ace.

After graduating from University with a maths degree I decided that I didn’t like Maths and that I wanted to write instead. And, somehow, I’ve made that into a career. And I’m so happy with that. It’s different than the sensation when I saw my name in print. Or when I finished writing my novel. Or when I saw the first (and so-far only) printed and bound version of it. Because all of that was for free. In fact, getting my novel printed and bounded cost the best part of £40. Now it’s the other way around, and I’m getting paid to write instead of doing it for free.

It comes with challenges, because now my writing is not just an expression of myself but a representation of my company, but I guess it’s just like writing a story. Each character has a voice or tone of narration, and I just find a work-voice to write in, whilst also maintaining some level of personality within my writing – we would like people to read it, after all.

Of course my work is not just to write an article to upload once a week, there’s loads of interesting marketing aspects that I’m learning about, but I’m just super happy to say that I’m now a professional writer.

Until tomorrow, earn your living.



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