July 19th 2016

Today I had a baptism of metaphorical fire at work. (although it felt very literal) 

I started at a new job a few weeks ago and there are a lot of people at the company who are keen runners. People keep joking that the only reason that I got the job was because I mentioned that I liked to run too.

And I do like to run. For two weeks they’ve been trying to persuade me to come out with them at lunch time, and I’ve kept putting it off so as not to humiliate myself too hard right away. (I was already literally put to bed drunk by my boss at the summer party, how much worse could it get?) 


Today, on the hottest day of the year, I finally decided to join them on their lunch run. You know how lunch time is the time of day when the sun is at it’s highest point in the sky, and thus at it’s most hottest? (I know that the sun itself does not change temperature, but the heat that we perceive it at does) Yeah, and remember that I mentioned that today was the hottest day of the year? And remember that metaphorical baptism of fire? That’s what it felt like. Fire.

I managed the first 3k okay, and then I lost the ability to breathe because of the heat, and I lost the ability to see because of the heat, and it was just really hot, okay? Soon, I was walking more than I was running. Hyper-aware of the fact that I was keeping everyone waiting, I tried to struggle on. But that made it worse. I hadn’t run since a quick three miler three weeks ago, and I’d chosen today of all days to break my hiatus. I was running in a black cotton tshirt and knee length black shorts. It was 28 degrees, and I was runninf with two of the fastest runners at the company. I hadn’t thought it through, really.

Eventually, somehow, I finished the run. Eight kilometres, Strava told me. Strava was kind enough to omit the parts where I was stationery in it’s report. On the bright side, I got a nice scenic walk along the canal, and probably caught a tan.

I feel like I did a bit too much too fast (and too far) and perhaps I should’ve eased my way into it instead of running (walking) through the flames.

So, my induction to the running club didn’t go well. But it can only get better, I guess.

Also, to top it off. Later in the day, I got ‘caked’. To be caked is when someone goes onto your computer, because you’ve left it unlocked, and sends an email round the office from ‘you’ promising to bring in cakes for everyone. It’s supposed to teach you to be secure with your machine, and to keep it locked if you’re not using it, but I think really it’s just an excuse to eat cake.

So, I now feel well and truly inducted to the team.

Until tomorrow, although saying that, someone did mention something about a Hill Run…



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