July 27th 2016

Today I finally went to the new crazy golf centre in my home town. Alice and I have been talking about going there for a while now, but have just never got round to it. We’re trying to put more effort into our date nights, but it’s hard when I live in such a dead town. There’s truly not much to do around here, so it’s sometimes hard to find things to do that we’ve not done a hundred times before.

So we headed over to the other side of town and rented a stick with which we could whack a ball around a course.

Alice is surprisingly good at crazy golf, so I do actually have to pay attention if I want to beat her. (Which, of course, I do) In the end I only beat her by two shots, and she got more holes in one than I did. Which is kind of depressing considering that I consider myself a pretty handy golfer, and the only golf Alice plays is always prefixed by the word “crazy” “mini” “adventure” or “jungle”

I’ll make myself feel better by saying that it’s not proper golf, of course. Each hole was like the 18th green in the final round of Happy Gilmore, in fact, I think the second hole was even based off that scene.

We had a good time. It was probably one of the cooler and more fun things to do around here.

It was nice to have some fun in my home town, but I still can’t wait to leave it. I was delayed getting home from work today because someone set fire to a hotel.


Until tomorrow, that’s the kind of place that I live in.



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