July 29th 2016 

Today I celebrated receiving my first pay cheque by taking Alice out for dinner. 

I have this weird quirk wherein I have to (or at least, I try to) go somewhere new every time I go out for dinner. I’m principly against chain restaurants and prefer to eat at independent places because I’m a massive weirdo. This, however, exhausts my options of eateries in my home town because everything is a change restaurant. So we had to go out of town. 

Alice asked me to organise somewhere we could eat, and that’s always a fun situation. It usually goes something like this -> 

  1. Alice tells me to find somewhere to eat
  2. I find somewhere to eat
  3. Alice decides she doesn’t want to eat at that somewhere I found 
  4. We go somewhere else

So we did this thing that I like to do, but that Alice hates, where we just drive aimlessly out of town following random signposts until we’re sparked by inspiration and decide on somewhere to eat. 

We ended up parking up in Marlborough, and we just strolled around the village until we found something. 

We settled on this little tapas bar that looked a lot better on the inside than it did in the outside. 

Tapas, as it turned out, was a good choice. 

We ordered what roughly translates to a fuck tonne of food, because we couldn’t decide what we wanted, and consequently  wanted it all. 

Until tomorrow, we probably ordered too much stuff. 


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