August 5th 2016

Today I went on an evening photography mission. I don’t know how this is possible but I’ve been craving taking photos recently. I think it’s just the sound that the camera makes when it’s focusing, or the sensation of actually pressing the shutter button to take a photo. 

I’m aware that that all sounds pretentious as fuck. 

We walked around a park and Alice taught me a bit about lighting and framing. She literally had a degree in photography, but because she also does it for a living she’s kind of fallen out of love with the photo taking part. Which is a shame, because she’s really good. Instead she just imports her wisdom on to me.

My issue when I take a photo is that I never wait around long enough. I don’t stop, pause, and set up the shot, I just aim the camera as I’m moving and press the button. Thinking of it, that’s probably why all my photos are blurry. 

Photography is one of the many things that I enjoy doing that I’m not actually good at. But I’d like to be good at it. It would add a new dimension to this life sharing/documentation thing I’m obsessed with. 

I try to make the features images for these blogs photos that I’ve taken myself, but on a normal work day there isn’t often an opportunity to take a photo that sums up the theme of my day, and thus of my blog. 

I made sure to take one today though. 

In fact, I took a bunch. They’re just all on Alices camera still so I haven’t had the chance to look. Maybe I’ll post the good ones tomorrow. 

Until tomorrow, that’s assuming there are any good ones.



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