August 6th 2016

Today Alice and I were driving around listening to music from the nineties and noughties. This gave Alice the opportunity to show off one of her most impressive talents. 

Alice can listen to a song once and then the next time she hears it she’ll be able to sing along with the lyrics word for word. Even songs she’s not heard for fifteen years, somewhere within her brain she’s got the lyrics stored. It’s kinda incredible really. 

It’s perhaps most impressive with one particular song, and whenever this song comes on I just laugh and laugh. 

Alice can flawlessly and word for word rap along with the first sixteen bars of ‘No Diggity’ by Blackstreet ft Dr Dre. She nails the choruses, the verses, Dre’s bit, Pen’s bit. All of it. It’s quite remarkable. 

Alice doesn’t listen to 90s rap music. But she knows the song because she heard someone rap it when she watched the film Pitch Perfect. 

Me? I’m awful at lyrics. I’m also awful at singing, which means that our car journey duet’s are usually Alice laying down the lyrics and me banging out a beat on the steering wheel whilst head banging. (And keeping complete control over the vehicle and concentration on the road, of course) 

This is one of the reasons why I enjoy driving. Mainly, when it’s with her. Singing along. Nowhere specific to go. Just enjoying the moment. 

Until tomorrow, I like the way you work it. 



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