August 7th 2016

Today I posted an Instagram for the first time in 12 weeks. That doesn’t seem like a topic one could write an entire blog post about but I’m going to give it my best shot. 

My aim is to finally ‘complete’ my Instagram. And by that I mean that I need to finish posting all of the good photos from when I went travelling… A year ago. 

It’s almost a year to the day that I left for a three month interrailing trip around Europe, and I’ve still not finished posting all the photos from it. Since I got back I’ve sporadically posted photos, but it has taken me an ungodly amount of time to actually complete it. I got back in November 2015, now, in August 2016, I’ve still not posted all the pictures. 

The reason for this is simply described as follows: 

  1. I can’t be arsed. 

It involves putting photos from the camera to my MacBook, and then air dropping them from my laptop to my phone. And then editing them. And then posting them. Now, realistically that’s a process that takes about five minutes, but, you know… Effort. 

The good news is that I now have the final 9 images on my phone. Because that’s all I have left. I aimed to post three pictures from each place we visited and I’ve only got three places left to document. 

Between the Instagram, my YouTube channel where I made daily videos of my travels, and this blog, I should probably have enough documentation to prove that it actually happened. But, of course, for me it’s a memory thing. Soon I’ll have a complete series of media to look back on and reminisce. And it’ll depress me endlessly because I wish I was still there. 

I’ve not been able to post anything new on Instagram because it would disrupt the order. I have to finish one ‘album’ before starting another. 

That’s something I struggle with, to be fair. I just throw myself into a tonne of different projects and make progress across them all but don’t actually end up finishing any of them. 

But I am nine photos away from finishing my Instagram project. Starting with this photo of Montpellier.

Until tomorrow, how autumnal. 


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