August 9th 2016

Today my legs were on fire. Figuratively. I went on a lunchtime run with my work colleagues and almost immediately I could tell that something was wrong. Something felt… different. It felt hot, like something was burning. You know when you touch a hot pan and your brain instinctively tells you to move your hand away? Well it’s like that, except the hot pan is inside my legs and I can’t pull away from it.

This pain became all I could think about, but I couldn’t stop because I didn’t want to hold up my colleagues. So instead I had to just power through and try to ingore the pain. About 4km into the run they all turned to run up a hill. A hill that I have previously struggled with. It was at that point where I figured it was best to calm down a bit. I knew that running that hill would make it worse, and I didn’t fancy having to get a taxi home.

So I bailed from the group and carried on along the flat path that traced the canal. It still hurt, but as I began to stop thinking about it it became a lot easier to ignore. Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s hurting again. Which is weird. A ran another kilometre in a straight and flat direction, then turned round and did another 5k back to the office.

Previous versions of me would’ve given up before I’d even run the first mile. But because I was with the team, it was impossible to. There’s a lot of benefits to communal running, and that’s one of them. You keep going when you probably otherwise wouldn’t. If I was by myself I might’ve said “nah fuck this I’m going home” right from the start. But because of the team (and because the longer I rang the further I was from the office) instead of quitting at the start, I ended up running 10km.

I mean, I probably shouldn’t have run that far. Because it hurts a lot, and I’m probably making it worse… but no pain no gain and all that bollocks, right?

When I got back to the office they asked me if I was okay and I explained the firey-leg thing to them. Apparently it’s shin splints. I didn’t know what that was, but I’m told it’s common for newbie runners – although usually it only happens for those people who “displace a large amount of water”. To top it off, I played a round of golf this evening as well. That’s probably why I ache so much.

Long story short, I’m going to live. And I should probably stop running for a week.

Until tomorrow, I’m not going to, though.



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