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August 11th 2016

Today I ‘launched’ my new website. I guess this blog is technically a website, but not really. I’m precious over what content I put out onto this blog because it’s not a blog to me – it’s a diary. The part of my new website that links to the page is even called ‘diary’. For a while I’ve wanted to start writing more football articles and film reviews and stuff but that’s not the kind of thing I want to put on here. This space is specifically reserved for neurotic moaning and rants.

This is supposed to be a day to day diary documentation of my life, and uploading a football article doesn’t really do that. I’m aware that I’m just giving myself more to do, and I’m adding another project to my every growing list of things I want to do, thus making it less likely that I’ll actually achieve any of these things. But it gives me more to moan about on here when things go wrong, I guess.

Someone asked me earlier how many views I get on this blog every day. Usually it’s between 50 and 80, with occasional peaks of 3-400. 80 views doesn’t sound a lot at first. But when I think about it and realise that every day eighty people care enough about me to sit for five minutes and read about my day then… I dunno… it’s cool. Because these posts aren’t massively entertaining or informative. They’re just rambles. And eighty people find them interesting enough to come back every day and see what I’ve got up to during the day.

I have this mini obsession with viewing the stats on my blog. Although I don’t write these things to get views and likes and stuff, I always aim to be improve the figures. In July my monthly viewing figures went down for the first time this year and that actually made me kinda sad.

I have Google analytics enabled on my new website, and when I posted a link to my first football article on the new site, I sat and watched as my realtime active users went up and down and up and down. And it’s weird because those numbers have humans attached to them and there are people (albeit very few) who are interacting with with my content and seem to be enjoying it. And although everything I write it primarily for myself (minus the stuff I get paid for) it’s just cool to see that other people like it too.

Until tomorrow, if you’re interested the website is and the football article can be found at



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