August 15th 2016

Today I applied for a house. Alice and I viewed a house with hopes of renting it on Saturday, and today we filled out all of the applications necessary to declare interest. We paid the agency fees of £390, and now we just have to wait and see if we’re accepted.

The landlord and agency basically just go away and check if we’re decent hardworking people who will pay bills on time and keep quiet. Which we are. So there’s no real reason why we wouldn’t be accepted, but I’m not going to get overly excited until it’s official. In the event that we are successful with our application, we would be moving in at the start of October. That gives us about six weeks to prepare. The house comes unfurnished, so we need to go ahead and buy everything required to make a house a house. Like, I dunno, a bed. And a fridge. And I can’t image we’d need much more than that. Only the essentials to begin with.

There suddenly becomes a lot of space to do stuff with. So now we’ll start to think about how we want our house to look. We’ll look for cutlery, and sofa’s, and a microwave. And a rug, probably, because the carpet is green, which is kind of a shame.

There’s even a little garden where we can have some plant pots. If we want plant pots. Thankfully, there’s no lawn to mow. I’m excited to be grown up and have my own place, but I don’t think I’m ready to mow a lawn every few weeks.

At the moment it feels surreal, and I’ve not yet got crazy happy about it. But that may change when we get the phone call that (conceivably) accepts our application. Even if we are rejected, for whatever reason, at least we’re going places. We’re growing up, moving out, getting on. I’d be pretty pissed about not getting that £390 back, mind. Best hope I don’t have any skeletons hidden anywhere that I’ve forgotten about.

Originally we were flat hunting. But when we discovered we could get a whole house for only marginally more money, it made sense to do so. An entire house…

Until tomorrow, imagine that…




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