August 26th 2016

Today I realised that I’ve double booked myself. On the first weekend of October I’ve agreed to be in both London and Oxford at the same time. I’m supposed to be in London for a gig with my friend, but in Oxford at Friends fest with Alice and her sister. 

This all stems from the fact that I’m awful at remembering what plans I have, and just go along with what I’m told I’m doing each weekend. So, I’ve ended up agreeing to two separate events on the same weekend.

Alice said that I should probably get some kind of diary/calendar to organise my life a bit. But I already have two of those, and my life’s a mess anyway because I just forget to write things down. 

Of course, I want to go to both but can’t. And either way I’m going to let someone down. Annoyingly, I’ve already paid for both events too. 

There was a possibility of doing the Cardiff half marathon on October 2nd as well but ironically I remembered that I was going to be in London that weekend, but didn’t think about Friends fest (which is a festival based around the popular sitcoms FRIENDS – in case that wasn’t clear from the title) In a perfect world I’d be able to go to all three, because technically the gig is on Thursday, the fest is on Saturday and the race is on Sunday. 

So it would be technically possible to do all three it would just be manic as fuck, and to be fair I don’t think I’d be in much of a state to run a casual 13 miles on Sunday morning after all of that travelling/partying. 

But the world is not ideal. 

Until tomorrow, choices. 



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