August 27th 2016

Today I finally, somehow, convinced Alice to go for a run with me. After a year of nudging and pressing, she finally decided that she wanted to. 

So we both put on some running gear and went out, and everything was going well until the monsoon hit. 

It was spitting with rain when we got to the park, but by 2km into the run we’d got caught in a typhoon/flash flood/attempt to sink the earth. It was a shame that the weather cut short our first ever couple run, but hopefully that won’t be the last time. 

Alice is asthmatic, and she’s never run properly before, so I was happy and proud that she came out with me. I guess she just knows that I enjoy running and she wanted to share that with me. She said that in a way, the rain helped her because if it was sunny then she’d’ve been far too hot to run. I agree with that sentiment, I always find running in the heat difficult because I sweat a bunch, get really dehydrated and then lose the ability to breathe. So running in the rain is actually quite nice, but today’s storm took the piss a little bit. 

I hope that we’ll be able to make this couple run a regular thing when we live together. Although I think that’ll take an extra bit of convincing to get Alice out again after today’s shambles. 

Until tomorrow, one step at a time. 



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