August 29th 2016

Today I’m feeling better about my chances of completing a half marathon next month. This evening I went out and ran ten miles – which is like 10/13.1ths of a half marathon – and by the end of it I wasn’t dying for breath or in a lot of pain, I was mainly just bored. I mean, it was fine earlier, but I’m in a decent amount of pain now. I’d be crying at the idea of walking up three flights of stairs to get to work tomorrow if I hadn’t just remembered that we’ve got a lift.

I had always planned that today would be my opportunity to get in a ‘long run’ and I wanted that long run to be ten miles. I had also planned that I’d do the long run at 7am this morning – which was the reason for my sobriety on a night out last night – but even though I avoided vodka, I also avoided sleep. When my alarm went off at half six (three hours after I’d got to sleep) I’m fairly sure I just went ‘NOPE’ and went back to sleep until it was too late to run, because I had to start doing other things with my bank holiday Monday. A busy day with Alice’s family meant that I couldn’t get round to going for my run until twelve hours later at 18:30 ish.

Although today’s run was about distance and not speed or time, I did find myself conscious of the fact that Apple Weather said that sunset was at 19:59 so I had basically an hour and a half of daylight before I was running down country lanes in a dark t-shirt. The route I set out on is my preferred one for getting in distance. Because it’s basically a pavement that runs parallel to a long, straight, flat road for as long as I want to before I turn around. Although, because I was going further today than I have done so before, I eventually ran out of path. At the point where there was no longer a pavement I decided to dip into the corn fields for a bit of off-roading. That turned out to be a bad idea because the grass was long and the floor was uneven, but it was tumblr as fuck.

FullSizeRender 16.jpg

I did a lap of the corn field and when my Strava running app ticked over onto 8km I turned around and ran home. On the return journey I got bored. I was taking it slow, and it was a nice cool evening, so physically I was coping with the long distance fine, but my mind was tiring. When the album I was listening to finished and looped back to the start I thought to myself “Fucking hell this is taking forever”

That’s the thing about running – as a mode of transport it’s pretty inefficient.

By the time I got home I’d been out for an hour and forty minutes, and travelled ten miles.

FullSizeRender 17.jpg

But I don’t run to get places, I’ve got a car for that. I run for the punishment during and the relief after. That, and the ‘I did it’ sensation that Nike base the majority of their TV marketing around.

By the end, as I approached two hours of moving time, I was reasonably bored. I could’ve just sat down and watched a movie in the time I’d been out running. That would’ve been far less effort.

As if.

When I reached the ten mile mark, physically I was ready to continue and try to get a half marathon done today, mentally I was bored and wanted to go home, but realistically I was running out of daylight, so my brain beat my body and I went home to bed.

Until tomorrow, it was only three more miles.



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