August 28th 2016

Today I’m on the way back from a night out on the town, and I’m sober as a judge. My group wanted to go out, and I wanted to too, but I didn’t want to drink because I’ve got a long run tomorrow. Look at me, taking this marathon thing seriously. I even got a glass of water from the bar. 

We went to a club and were told that the girls didn’t have to pay to get in, but the guys did. That’s disgusting TBHIMO. When we got in, I had to watch a bunch of drunk people act like a bunch of drunk people. There’s always that guy that walks onto a dance floor and announces himself. That guys a bellend. He walks in and raises his arms and shouts to let you know that he’s arrived. What a knob. 

Being sober in a club is… An experience. Firstly you’re far more aware of everything that’s going on around you, and secondly you’re far more aware of what’s happening with your body. Mainly/namely – making sure you don’t look like a knobhead when you dance. (Spoiler alert: I do) it’s a very robotic movement, I’ve noticed. Feet planted firmly and only moving my arms. 

All that being said, it’s nice to go out and socialise occasionally. And if you don’t drink then you don’t spend any money. Apart from the incredibly sexist entrance fee and a taxi man who basically mugged us. 

Until tomorrow, do the robot. 



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