August 31st 2016

Today I got invited to Germany on a work trip. We had a visit from our German colleagues who were showing us all the different ways that we can optimise our website and all that fun stuff that I’m not going to get into on here, and a lot of the stuff that they were teaching us about will be things that fall under my line of duties (if that’s the correct term). It all inevitably comes down to the content that is written on the website, and because I’m (one of) the content writer(s) then, as you might expect, it’s me who will be writing the content. Make sense?

So I had to pay super attention to everything they were saying, and it was all really interesting and useful, and also reassuring to realise that I already knew a lot of the things they were saying. They pointed out things that I’d already made a note of, and they followed practices that I’ve already done. So I felt like I was doing well, which is good.

They said that it would be really beneficial if I went out to Germany to observe the processes that they follow, which would hopefully give me an idea of what to do as we start to establish our own processes. I, of course, agreed that this seemed like a marvellous idea. Any excuse to travel a bit.

Me. On a business trip. On a plane. To Germany. Madness. And I move into a house of my own in just over a month. What a time to be alive, right? This all contributes nicely to alleviating the constant nagging sense of fraudulence that hangs about in the back of my brain somewhere. Except now there’s like a bunch of responsibility and pressure as well, which is all good fun too.

I’m looking forward to the possibility of going to Germany, if not solely because it’s all official, like. The guys we spoke to today are all super clever, and they seem to think that I have the capabilities of managing the same stuff that they do. Which is cool.

I realise I’m underselling this all a bit, but really I’m very happy with how things are going right now. And I’m just trying to roll with it whilst not getting too excited or overwhelmed by everything.

Little old me, boarding a plane to Germany to have a business meeting. Suitcase in one hand, briefcase in the other. I should probably go buy a briefcase. And a blazer.

Until tomorrow, I should probably try and find my passport.



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