September 1st 2016

Today I returned to twitter after a two week hiatus. I wrote an entire article about being away from twitter as a tool to avoid the transfer window. Go read about it on my other website if you want. (Spoiler alert: it starts with exactly the same sentence as this blog post!!)

I’d love to say that being away from twitter gave me opportunity to be super productive with my free time, but really nothing much has changed. I don’t have free time to waste, really. But the only thing I had to do after work today was get a haircut so I had some time to sit down and write something that isn’t this blog for the first time in, like, ages.

Remember a month or so when I said I was gonna write a screenplay? megaLOLS.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 22.28.43.png

Seriously though, I do still want to do that. I’m just struggling with the constraints of time. I need eight hours sleep to get me through the work day. I work for eight hours a day. Plus an hour run at lunch. Plus an hours commute either side. Plus dinner. Plus shower(s) Plus this blog. That doesn’t leave me much time. But today I found time. And I smashed out a 2000 word article on the last few weeks of Arsenal’s summer transfer window and my avoidance of twitter during that time. Again, that sport stuff is kept separate from this site, although I guess linking to it and talking about it kind of defeats the object of that a bit.

I did even buy a screenwriting book that was supposed to arrive within 2-3 working days. It’s been twelve. The email says it’s expected on the Fourth of September. Which is a Sunday. Fuck knows what’s happening there. I bought the book because I didn’t want to just dive into screenwriting with absolutely prior knowledge, either that or it was just a way to procrastinate for two weeks.

What I like about full time work is that my life finally has a routine. Get up. Get dressed. Shower. Drive to work. Morning shift. Run at lunch. Afternoon shift. Drive home. Eat dinner. Make lunch for the next day. Write blog. Go to sleep.

It’s nice, but I just need to find time in that routine to write other things, and weekends are no good because I always seem to be doing stuff. When I move half an hour closer to work I’ll suddenly find myself with an extra hour each day, so maybe that will help things a bit. I hope so, at least. I thought that when I got the new job I’d be able to get a solid 2-3 hours of writing in every night, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment.

That’s why I didn’t really miss twitter. Because it was just a way of taking up time that I didn’t really have. And because I’m always super hard on myself for not being productive when I do have free time, deleting twitter was a good way of deleting distractions. So the hiatus was probably good for me.

Until tomorrow, I’m back for now though.




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