September 2nd 2016

Today I watched Sausage Party. It’s a film where animated supermarket foodstuff become aware of the fate that becomes them when they leave the store. In the beginning, it’s an innocent, happy, Toy Story spoof and then it gets all kinds of fucked up.

I won’t go into it, for fear of having my account banned for vulgar imagery, but it’s all kinds of fucked up. Hilarious, mind. What impressed me about this grotesque, disturbing, shocking movie was the writing. The writing is brilliant. The jokes are perfect, and clever, and they know exactly when to stop. And when you expect the gag to repeat itself, they make note of that, and then switch it up.

It’s constantly surprising you because you don’t know what to expect.

Really, it’s genius writing. It’s just crazy to think that someone’s imagination can be that good, and their writing can be that flawless. Although – knowing Seth Rogen (impersonally) there were definitely a bunch of hallucinogenics involved in making this film concept possible to even conceive, let alone produce. Apparently he’d been trying to get it made for ten years.

The annoying thing about animation is that thing where you’re like “oh dammit” I know this voice, but you’re in the cinema so you can’t Google it and check so you’ve gotta wait all the way to the end credits to see “Edward Norton” and then you realise that’s definitely not who you thought it was.

I got really confused at one point because I was trying to figure out who was voicing this character, and it sounded like Seth Rogen but he voices the main character so it couldntve been him.

Turns out it was him. I guess there’s nothing really stopping actors from voicing multiple roles in the same animated film.

The entire film just seemed like the vomit of Seth Rogens mind on a comedown, and it was beautiful in its filth and intelligent in its shock value. It tried to be a bit preachy because I guess they thought that the film had to have some kind of message, but honestly pal, Seth buddy, mate, no one is watching that film to be preached to about the pitfalls of modern organised religion. We just came to see the sausage fuck the bagel. (Sorry)

Until tomorrow, spoiler alert.



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