September 5th 2016

Today I lost the race. But the thing is, I walked into work this morning thinking I’d won.

Let me explain.

The running club at my work uses the Strava app to document/share/coordinate runs & activities. You can view individual runs, see how far and how fast your colleagues/competitors are running. That kind of thing. There is a club leaderboard that shows the total distance travelled of each person for that week, and highlight specifcally the third, second and first placed runners for Distance, Time and Elevation.

I set myself a goal this week of being first for distance. I had to run a cumulative distance that was further than anyone else. I started off the week well with a 16km run. Ran 7k on Tuesday, had a rest day and then ran 10, 7, and 11k on Thursday, Friday and Saturday respectively. Which, allowing for rounding, put my total distance for the week up to 51.5km, and landed me in first place on the leaderboard by Saturday night.

I planned to go out on Sunday and round that number up to 60km for the week, but considering I was already in first place, and last week’s winner finished on 46.7 or something kilometres, I thought I might even win if I took the day off. I played 11 a-side football in the morning, so I wasn’t particularly feeling like going for another run anyway.

I had a scare later in the afternoon when I checked Strava and saw that someone had clocked a 16km run on Sunday morning, but when I checked the leaderboards he was just shy of my top spot at a dangerously close 51.4km.

I prepared myself to go out again if necessary, even if it was at 10pm at night, I would’ve gone out and ran an extra 5k if anyone crept above me in the leaderboard. But, before I got into bed, I checked Strava and my name was still atop the chart.


Or so I thought.

I got to work and my boss congratulated me on topping the leaderboard. I basked in the glow until my glee was shat upon.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 22.50.38.png

Ross hadn’t uploaded his run from yesterday yet. On Sunday morning he’d ran 19km, a distance which put him up to a weekly total of 52.4km. A heartbreaking 900 metres ahead of my total. I slumped into second place as he clicked ‘upload’ on his running watch. Snakey son of a…But… I deserved it.

I should have ran yesterday, but I didn’t because I prematurely assumed victory. Instead of going for the run as I’d always planned to, I played the leaderboard, and ended up playing myself. I lost by less than a kilometre. Even a run to the shops and back would’ve handed me the gold. But, alas, I got lazy and celebrated early.

Until tomorrow, I won’t make that mistake again.



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