September 9th 

Today/tonight was date night. And for probably the first time in the almost ten year history of our relationship Alice actually let me choose somewhere to eat without demanding to first be able to look at the menu to veto my decision. 

A guy at work recommended a place to me, so I booked a table, and text her saying that we were going out tonight but I wouldn’t tell her where. And to her credit, she accepted it no questions asked. 

Here’s a relationship tip. All those @tumblrgirlproblems Twitter accounts tell you that girls want you to be spontaneous and romantic, but they don’t. Not real girls. Real girls want to be in control and know what the plan is. Mine does, at least. 

So we drove for half an hour into the middle of no where, found the restaurant, I parked my Peugeot 206 as far away from the Aston Martin DB9 as I could, and we went inside. 

The place looked great. Like our ideal kind of place. But the moment of truth came when we sat down and looked at the menus. I’d scoured the menu earlier in the day because I know how fussy Alice is about food. And I say that as someone who is five times fussier than she is. Her problem is that she’s allergic to a bunch of stuff, my problem is that I don’t like a bunch of stuff. So her fussiness is far more acceptable than mine is. 

That being said, I’d seen one thing on the menu that I thought she’d go for. And she picked exactly that. Success. 

She had a vegetables and potato Gnocchi and I had pork belly. On the drive over I’d reassured her that if all else failed then they had a burger and chips on the menu. 

We began with our classic sharing platter starter. I ate the meat and cheese whilst Alice ate the bread, soup and vegetable type things. 

My main was delicious, I can’t speak for Alices because I went nowhere near her vegetable crap. 

And we finished off with a sticky toffee pudding each. 

Cracking meal, all in all. 

It’s nice to get to go to places like that. There’s nowhere nice like that in Swindon. Everything around here is a chain restaurant that has the exactly the same menu as the different chain restaurant next door. 

The restaurants around here remind me of the restaurants you get when you go to somewhere like Ibiza. The restaurants all look the same, the food tastes the same, and I’m fairly sure they even have some of the same waiting staff. 

Because of this I get really annoyed by the culinary choices on offer. We try not to go to the same place twice, and I like to try to go to places that are unique and individual. 

Because I’m hipster as fuck. 

For future reference, tonight’s restaurant was called ‘The Bell at Sapperton’ and it was lovely. 

Until tomorrow, I’d probably go again if that didn’t break my own rule. 



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