September 10th 2016

Today is my Grandma’s 74th birthday. We popped down to see her, we had cake and stood around the table and sang happy birthday. It was lovely. 

Because I’m a grown up now, for the first time ever I bought her a birthday card and signed it from myself, rather than just signing the one my Mum/sisters bought and asked me to sign. 

I really don’t like writing birthday cards. I’m really bad at it. Which doesn’t make sense because I literally write words for a living. But I find it very difficult to be ‘Hallmark’ in cards. I think it’s because I feel like there will never be anything I can write in a card that has not been written before. There’s no new way of saying ‘Happy Birthday’. 

So I always struggle. And I think people expect me to be really good at it too, but I’m just not…

Although I’m generally against Hallmark because of what they’ve done to Valentines Day and Easter (since when was it a thing to give ‘Happy Easter’ cards???) I have utmost respect for the people who write their greetings cards. 

I don’t know how they do it. Especially considering they’re writing a card for a complete stranger. 

Imagine that. A random bloke in an office somewhere said a nicer thing on my Grandmas card than I did. And he doesn’t even know her! 

I dunno. I just find it difficult. I think my lack of card writing ability is actually because of my ambitions of being a writer. Any wannabe writer struggles with the fear of not being original. Except this time instead of an unoriginal novel or screenplay, it’s the fear of having an unoriginal greetings card. 

I guess that’s why the Hallmark writers make the big bucks. That and the fact that they seemingly invent holidays whenever they feel appropriate. 

I wonder how long it’ll take for ‘Happy St George’s Day’ cards to be a thing. 

Until tomorrow, Enjoy Your Special Day. 



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