September 11th 2016

Today I was supposed to go for a run. And also: yesterday I was supposed to go for a run. But I did neither. Today was supposed to be a 10 mile/16km run that would be my last ‘longer’ run before my half marathon in two weeks. And yesterday was supposed to be my first experience of the local ‘park run’ 5km race.

And do you wanna hear my excuse?

The printer at work wasn’t working, so I couldn’t print off my entrance card to the park run, so I couldn’t go. I mean, I still could’ve gone. I just wouldn’t’ve got a meaningless text that would tell me the results of my run about an hour slower than my phone could. So, because I didn’t have that piece of paper, I couldn’t go.

And today? Well this morning I played football for 20 minutes and we lost 2-1 in the cup. And you know what? It was hard. Most lunch times I run 10km without (usually) any problems. But 20 minutes on a football pitch running up and down the wing was hard. So I got home, ignored my running shoes and stayed in bed for most of the day. I mean, I didn’t waste the day. I did a bit of work, a bit of writing, but I didn’t run like I was supposed to.

Another reason I didn’t run was because I knew there was no way in hell that I was going to top the distance charts this week. A work colleague did the 58km ’10 peaks challenge’ yesterday, so basically just smashed the entire week’s leaderboard with one run. Knowing that there was no way I could possibly top the leaderboard this week, I chose not to go out and instead ‘let my body rest’

That’s what I told myself at least.

To be fair, it has been hurting lately. None of the runs I did this week were enjoyable. I cut two of them short, walked half of one and the other was a track day. Looking back, it was a poor week, but I still did over 30km. I just possibly went a bit too hard the week before because I was so desperate to top last weeks leaderboard… and I didn’t because of my preference for a lazy Sunday.

And so now I’m feeling the effects of last week, and it’s two weeks until my half marathon.I peaked too soon. I’m told that no training you do any time after two weeks before the half marathon will affect you on the day (if that makes sense) so I think that means I’m at perfect liberty to have two weeks off. Right?

Until tomorrow, yeah, right.



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