September 13th 2016

Today it finally rained, thankfully. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to run in the rain for ages now. I do the vast majority of my running at lunch time, and it’s been an uncharacteristically warm September so far, so at times the heat has been stifling. Before I was a lunchtime runner I was a morning runner. If I didn’t run at 9am then I wouldn’t do it at all.

And the good thing about 9am is that when the suns out, it’s not warm. So you get all the benefits, and nice views of a sunny day without any of the heat. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. It’s my favourite season. I don’t understand how anyone could ever say that Winter is the best season. ‘But it’s Christmas…’ she says.

Yeah. But you know what would be better than Christmas? Christmas in July. That’d be ace.


Today it absolutely lashed down with rain during my run. Thunder, lightning, hail, the lot. Running in the rain is so much easier. My main problem with warm running is that I get really dehydrated, which gives me cotton mouth, which means I can’t breathe. And I’m told breathing is a reasonably important part of a) running and b) staying alive. Ah. ah. Ah. ah…

But in the rain it’s completely different. You don’t sweat as much, so you don’t get as dehydrated, you’re not as hot, you’re not as happy. (angry runs are the best runs)

I ran exactly the same route today as I did yesterday with a few differences. Yesterday it was cloudless sunshine, today it was thunder storms. And I ran faster today. I set a new personal best for 10km, and that time includes 2.5 minutes of standing still.

It’s amazing what a bit of rain can do for you. I’d never usually encourage rain, but it brings perfect running conditions. The only downside that I can see is that it leaves you in the weird situation of

‘this stuff is dirty but it’s wet so I can’t put it in the washing basket and it’s different colours so I can’t put it in the washing machine, so I’ve got to either leave it on the doorstep or put it in the airing cupboard to dry before I wash it before I dry it again’

Until tomorrow, apart from that it’s great fun.



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