September 15th 2016

Today I spent an hour messing about on the Snapchat filters with Alice. Now, I don’t use Snapchat, I don’t have Snapchat, I don’t condone overuse of the bloody filters… But I’ll admit that it was a good laugh. It was a fun way to spend an hour. The good thing about Snapchat filters is that there are a bunch that require two people in the frame. So it encourages interaction. Or something.


It’s stupid, and it’s silly, but it’s good, harmless fun. And most of them are ones I’ve never seen or used before, so it’s a good laugh seeing yourself in makeup or with devil horns or some crap. There is one particular filter that I dislike. The Face Swap. img_9940

I dislike it firstly because it seems like for the past year, since the technology has become readily available EVERYTHING has been faceswapped, and secondly because I always look really, really creepy in them.

Look at that paedo/handlebar moustache and the eyebrows and distance between the eyes. I would not make a pretty girl, that’s for sure. I’ve also just noticed that my arm looks like it’s not attached to my body.


Amongst all of the adultness that’s currently going on in our lives, full-time jobs, moving house, paying bills, it was fun to just sit laugh for an hour without having to worry about anything. And that was facilitated by social media. Shock horror, it’s not a purity consuming monster that consumes brain cells and spreads nothing but vitriol. (maybe that last one is true)

I’m a hypocrite, really. Because the reason that I dislike Snapchat and Facebook particularly is because of the constant obsession with over sharing. I literally don’t give a fuck about your new socks or how many days it is until Kavos, pal. But then, I’ve just felt the need to write a 400 word blog post about taking a selfie with dog ears coming out of my scalp, so who’s the real loser here?

If you’ll excuse the pun, this whole blog/diary is about gratuitous unfiltered oversharing, just with no assumption that anyone else will read it or care about it. It just happens that some people do seem to read it. (Hi Mum!) The difference is that Danny Clark, 17, Facebook, actually thinks people care about his selfie.

Until tomorrow, we don’t, Daniel, we really don’t.




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