September 16th 2016

Today is a year since I watched Arsenal play in Zagreb. Throwback.

I was six weeks in to my European travels and the opportunity came about that I might’ve been in Zagreb at the same time Arsenal played them in the Champions League. I managed to get tickets through an incredibly kind, and generous gentleman on Twitter, and Alice agreed to pay for the tickets as a birthday present for me.


Regardless of the score (Arsenal lost 2-1, FFSGIROUD) it goes down as one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever had, and certainly one of the best days of the trip.

This year, with my birthday round the corner, things are different. Now, instead of adventures in a foreign country, for my birthday I am asking for a kettle and toaster. Perhaps some bed linen. A curtain rail.

I had my fun, and now I have to settle down. We spent 3 wonderful months travelling, having all the fun that we deserved after 3 years of Uni, and lots of hard work to fund the trip. But a year later, Alice and I are 3 weeks away from moving into our first house together. So for my birthday I’m only thinking of cutlery sets and matching crockery. To be honest, I’ve not even considered my birthday because the date I’m most counting down to is move-in date. October 8th.

Looking back on this time last year shows me how much things have changed since then. All good things, I have a job, a career, a house. It’s like I left my youth in Europe. Although saying that, I still feel young if not only because I don’t understand any of the references to 80s television that people make at work. Over my head.

Of course I’d love to still be in Zagreb, or dozying around Europe, taking in the sights without any responsibilities, but I also really like where I am in my life at the moment. Since we got back from travelling I’ve been so focused on the next step – moving out/moving in. And now it’s like 3 weeks away and it’s all real. Really real.

And my mind isn’t full of wonderment at churches, rivers, food and culture, it’s full of colour schemes, furniture, bank statements and finances. It’s a different kind of life, but I’m happy with where it’s going, and I’m happy with where it’s been.

Until tomorrow, pillows, rugs, microwaves.



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