September 20th 2016

Today we drew a diagram for the floor plan of our new house. We’ve both got the week off work with the intention of getting everything sorted ready for moving day early next month. So, naturally, we’re off to IKEA tomorrow. 

We drew a floorplan to outline what we have and what we need. We’ve been given a fair amount of stuff by various family members, but there are still some things that we still have to get. Table and chairs, lamps, duvets. All that fun stuff. 

Drawing it out made it seem more real. I haven’t really considered it much yet – the fact that we’re actually moving into our own house. But it also highlighted that although we’ve been given a lot of stuff, there’s still so much we need to do. I think we’ve both agreed that we’re going to wait until we’ve moved in to decorate, but we want it furnished before. So the big things are important. Table. Chairs. Bed. Fridge. Lampshades and flowers are less important. 

So we’re missioning to Bristol tomorrow with a set list of things we need to get. The issue is that we can’t really remember what the house looks like, so we’re going over tomorrow morning with tape measures in hand to view it and measure distances and stuff. Only then can we really start to think about what we want in it, and where we want things to go. 

There are also non-furniture house related things to sort out. Internet. Bills. Banking. All that fun stuff. So that’s the plan for this week. Consult the floorplan, furnish the house, and prepare for moving in.

Until tomorrow, to IKEA…



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