September 21st 2016

Today Alice and I went to IKEA to buy furniture for our new house. We went to the house this morning with tape measures and pretended to know what we were doing. I got my Dad to measure some dimensions, and I nodded along as he said ‘There’s definitely enough room for a sofa here’

With our dimensions in hand, we drove off to Bristol to the land of flatpacked Swedish furniture, horse meatballs and kitchen showrooms. Initially, I was hesitant, because I don’t like spending money. But gradually, I grew into it, and we started to make decisions, and items were chucked into that massive yellow bag you’re supposed to be able to carry a wardrobe in.


We knew what we needed to get, and for the most part we did. We’re still of the understanding that all we really need is a bed, and that everything else can be acquired post-move. And we’ve already got a bed, so… After sorting a dining table, we were done for ‘big things’ and moved on to more decorative things. A rug. An uplight (which is a word that I learnt today). Mirrors.


We don’t have a ‘vision’ of what the house is going to look like, and we’ve just about decided on the colour scheme… Grey. Everything goes with grey.

By the time we’d snaked through the top floor of the IKEA maze, the big yellow bag was full to the brim, so I had to run back to the start line to get a trolley. In IKEA you finish in the warehouse section, where you pick up any items that you saw and wanted in the showroom section. We went to huge effort to get a table and chairs onto a trolley, before 1) realising that the box wouldn’t fit in my car, and 2) that my Dad’s already sorted us a table and chairs. So we had to get it off the trolley again, and back onto the pile.


It did originally seem like we’d bought a lot, but when we put the table back on the shelf, it felt like we were still missing a bunch of stuff. Again, all we need is a bed…

We walked next door to ASDA to buy duvets, and by that point my car was full. There definitely would’ve been no room for the table. We’re lucky insofar as we’ve been gifted quite a lot from various family members. People have been very kind and contributed to our first home with things that we’ll need. We’ve been given a fridge, and a TV, and a sofa, and a bed. We just have to provide the curtains. SHIT WE FORGOT TO BUY CURTAINS.

With seeing the house this morning, and with spending the day thinking about it’s furnishings, the ominiousness (not a word) of our impending move is increasing. But it’s exciting. And terrifying.

Until tomorrow, y’know, all of the good emotions…



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