September 23rd 2016

Today I’m preparing for my half marathon on Sunday by eating a metric fuck tonne of carbohydrates. I’m carb-loading, if you will. I’ve had this week off work, and I’ve semi-intentionally done barely any physical preparation for it – all of my preparation has been dietary. 

I ran a quick 6km on Wednesday morning, but apart from that I’ve not done anything. This, in my mind, is just to give my legs a rest before the event. Originally I’d planned to run 6km on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but, y’know… Shit happens. 

So my physical prep has been crap, but I’ve made up for it in other areas. I’ve been to Holland & Barrett and bought my carbohydrate gel packets to be consumed during and before the event. I’ve bought nipple tape. I’ve driven to Gloucester to pick up my race pack and starting number (and then proceeded to leave it on a table in Costa and lose it for a solid two hours) I’ve eaten a lot. 

It’s weird, my appetite has been larger this week with no exercise, than its been in any previous week. And so I’ve satisfied that by consuming about 3500 calories today. 

I’m told that during a half marathon, your energy comes from Carbohydrates, not calories. So although I usually aim to avoid them, today I’ve been filling myself up with bread and chips. 

This way I can convince myself that I am a serious athlete in training, whilst not doing any physical exercise and eating a load of Mexican food. 

Until tomorrow, is butter a carb? 



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