September 26th 2016

Today I limped around the planet as I recovered from my half marathon. Stairs were difficult. And so was standing. Walking was alright, but it was just the standing up bit that was an issue. I had Subway for lunch, and people kept bringing cakes and cookies into the office so I don’t think my post-marathon diet was optimal. 

The race organisers uploaded the photos from the event, and because they know the number on your shirt, they know who you are, and who’s in each photo. So they sent me a gallery of race photos (that were absolutely covered in watermarks so you’d have to pay £19.99 for a digital download)

That’s me, crossing the line. It was windy, okay? 

There was also a video of the last twenty seconds of my race, and in it you can see me sprinting across the finish line. I was desperate to finish under two hours and I thought I had to sprint to make it, but it turned out I was two minutes under target. 

Apparently running has made me reasonably competitive, who knew I had that in me? 

I don’t know whether it’s an internal competitiveness and desire to improve, or an external competitiveness and a need to be better than other people. 

I’d say the first one is more likely, because I can also accept that there are people better, stronger, faster and smarter than me, and there always will be. I can’t change that. But what I can do is improve myself. And I think I’m doing that. 

I started running properly on July 19th. Before then I was a casual and inconsistent runner. Since I started to go out with my work’s running club at lunch time I’ve ran four or five times a week on average. 

On that first run I had to stop every half a kilometre to walk, because I couldn’t carry on. I remember feeling so disheartened.

That run was only 8km (5 miles) and I couldn’t finish it without constantly having to pause and catch my breath. Just over two months later and I’ve just finished a half-marathon. 21 kilometres (13 miles) and I didn’t stop once. 

I’ve come a long way, literally, mentally and physically. In two months I’ve ran 325km, and gone from not being able to run for 3 miles without having to stop, to running a half marathon in under two hours and being almost kind of sorta disappointed with my time. 

Until tomorrow, I’ve still got a long way to go. 



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