September 27th 2016

Today Alice is a cat whisperer. Well, she’s like that every day. She was trying to get her cats to come in from the dark ready for night time, and she her family has this secret whistle sound they make that somehow makes the cats come running. 

I won’t try to type it out. 

But for some reason, when the cats hear that sound they know it’s time to come home. The youngest one, Tabby, came running straight away when Alice started whistling. But Tilly wouldn’t come for five minutes of whistling. 

So Alice turned to Tabby and said “go get your sister” and Tabby ran out of the door to go get her. 

I never had pets growing up, so I don’t really know how this works. But to an outsider, that’s mad. I don’t understand how they process the human language. Well, I kinda do. I think it’s intonation and pitch that they pick up on. I’m not for a second suggesting that Alice can actually talk to her cats (although she would claim that she can) 

Tabby came back a few minutes later alone. 

Alice whistled a few times more to no avail and closed the door. We turned to walk away, but Alice stopped suddenly. 

“There she is!”

She walked back over to the door and opened it, and Tilly came bounding in. Tilly doesn’t wear a collar, so it wasn’t the bell around her neck that Alice heard. I doubt it was her footsteps. She might’ve heard a croak in Tilly’s ‘voice’. But it was like she sensed her presence. 

I accepted a long time ago that I am in a relationship with a crazy cat lady. Alice always jokes that if we ever break up she’ll go off an live in a house by herself with 27 cats. I’m firstly not entirely sure she’s joking, and secondly completely sure that she’d be happier with the cat option. 

We’re allowed pets in our new house if we  double our deposit. So that could be an option. There is the slight issue that I’m completely allergic to them, but I’ve grown to like cats (not nearly) as much as she does. 

It’s just always been weird to me, having that attachment with something that just kinda lives in your house sometimes. Alices cats are genuinely like family members to her. And I think that’s a pretty standard thing, right? I know people get SUPER upset about dogs dying. And they mourn and they have tattoos and funerals and stuff. I’ve never got that. But I’ve never had a pet. 

Until tomorrow, well, I have two adoptive cats. 



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