September 29th 2016

Today I’m at a gig in London. So I’m gonna do that thing where I live blog my night.

I’m currently in the queue. The people in the line are quite alternative. There’s more blue hair than in Monsters Inc. the artist I’m seeing, Watsky, is a hip-hop poet. And we’re in Islington. So I guess I should’ve expected hip, alternative and trendy.


The support act is like a weird kind of good. The auto tune on his microphone distorts his accent so I can’t really tell where he’s from. America, I’m guessing.


And then there’s some sort of intermission between warmup acts. Apparently Watsky’s just been seen going into a restaurant across the street. So we’re gonna be waiting for him to finish his vegetarian noodles, I guess.


The second support act has involved a lot of orchestration of the limbs of the crowd.

They keep asking if we mind them playing another song. Crack on pal, go ahead. Make the most of it, we’re not here to see you.

It is cute that he keeps saying ‘this means so much to me’ though.

They’ve finished.


They’re now putting out towels and water bottles on the stage. I guess we’re close.


It’s started.


That was fucking mad. So hype. But it was hype with intermixed slow to give us time to chill out.

He also did the orchestration thing, except I didn’t mind it from him.


We’re waiting outside to meet him now.


We waited around for about an hour, but we got to chat to him in the end.

I think this is the first time I’ve actually met someone ‘famous’, or at least famous enough for me to idolise in some way. It was weird, because we were stood right next to him for ages before it came around to being ‘our turn’ to speak to him. I had ages to prepare what I wanted to say, and probably over thought it TBH.

When he turned to me I just shook his hand and said it was a great show.

He’s recently released a book of essays, so I told him that I loved his book and was wondering when he was gonna start writing fiction.

And then we just had a conversation about his plans for his new book, and it was just a chat, really. But it was mad. He had more of a chat with us than with most people who just asked him for a photo and walked off.

I’d never know what to expect in that situation, especially because I’m so naturally socially awkward. But it was great. I panicked a bit during photo time, and tried to look in all different directions at once. But the chat was great.

The show was hype as fuck and I got to meet him and he’s super chill.

Until tomorrow, good night, that.



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