September 30th 2016

Today I spent my morning in a library and my evening in a casino. (I’m still here as I’m writing this, actually – I’m £2 in profit) 

We went to the British library in London to look at books, naturally. But we were surprised by the sheer lack of books there. We wandered around the bits that we could get into, but most of it was restricted to us because you required a reading pass to get in. It felt very Harry Potter. We had to acquire the reading pass by asking the librarian receptionist for one. 

We had to tell her what we needed the library for, and what books we required. When she asked me that, I panicked a bit and said ‘John Nash’ because he’s the name of a mathematician in my favourite film. And I’m a mathematician by education if not by trade. 

It seemed to be a satisfactory answer to her question, and I was allowed to continue to the next stage of registration. 

The next stage required having a photo taken, which was easy and painless enough. 

I then continued to the ‘book finding’ part of my journey, and still there were no books. I had to look up the ‘shelf marks’ of the books that I required on a computer. I was then told that my shiny new British Library Reading Pass would get me into the reading rooms where I was only allowed to take a pencil, a see through plastic bag and no coat. 

We were told that when we got into the reading room we could then order the books we wanted to be delivered to our table, and it would take between 70 minutes and 48 hours. 

Needless to say, the British Library wasn’t what we expected it to be. 

We left via the gift shop where we finally saw some books. 

10 hours later I sat down, for the first time since I left the house, at a roulette table. (For the record, since the last time I updated you, I’ve won another £1.50. My friend Andy, on the other hand, is up £52 pound the fecker. 

The guy on the machine next to me (not Andy) currently has £1,300 in his roulette ‘bank account’.

He’s doing all sorts of fancy patterns with his chips and his balance goes up and down by about £200 every time the wheel spins. 

I, on the other hand, am betting on the eighteen numbers between 10 and 27, totalling a £1.50 bet each time and winning about fifty percent of the time.  

I imagine we’ll stay here until we’re either millionaires, or £20 poorer than we were when we started. 

Until tomorrow, wish us luck. 



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