October 1st 2016

Today I went to a premier league football match for the first time in over a year. And I went to a match where I had no allegiances, and thus didn’t care about the result. All I wanted was goals, and I was reasonably particular about who I wanted the goalscorers to be because of Fantasy Football reasons. 

This allowed me to just sit back and watch football. Although, as I was in the home end, I just had to make sure that I cheered when the home team scored and didn’t cheer when the away team scored. I played that role pretty well, to be fair. 

I’m in London to visit friends, and we decided it would be nice to go to a football game. We looked around for home fixtures for lower league London teams, but it was cheaper to go to Watford, a premier league team. 

The game had the goals we wanted, the goalscorers I wanted, and I got to see Jack Wilshere. All in all, a good day. 

To go to the game we had to sign up as Watford members, so we can now basically go whenever we want for £15, which is mad cheap. It’s just getting there that’s a bit of a ball ache. Of course, we’ll never go again, but it’s nice to have the option. 

I love watching live football, and wish I’d been able to go more, but it’s usually so expensive it makes it unrealistic. The Lower league game we were looking at was £40 a ticket, which is silly money for that quality of football. 

Our game was better, and cheaper, anyway. 

Again, by journeying across London I was convinced of my desire to live here, but that was dented a bit when we tried to get the tube home and were delayed because our tube station was closed because of some ‘police incident’, that necessitated 12 cop cars and 4 fire engines. 

Until tomorrow, that’s London. 



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