October 2nd 2016

Today I’m just going to dump a gallery of photos into this text box and call it a blog post. I’ve been in London all weekend, and we’ve done loads of stuff, and I’ve just got back, and I’m super tired and I haven’t had a decent sleep in 4 days and I haven’t had a decent coffee in even longer. As such, and because a picture tells a thousand words (or something) here’s 55,000 words describing my weekend in London.

First, we went to a Watsky gig. It was the primary reason for the trip. The lighting and fog made for some ridiculous photos, and the music was wild. I’m really happy with some of these photos.

And the same photos in black and white, just because.

He stuck around to meet us after the show as well. (Or, we stuck around to meet him. Either or.)

London is pretty at night.


We rented Boris Bikes because we were sick of paying for the tube.

We went to Emirates Stadium.

We went to a Casino.


We went to a football match.

I had a marvellous weekend, but it’s massively taken it out of me. (Whatever the ‘it’ in that phrase means – I’ve never thought about it) And so…

Until tomorrow, enjoy the photos.



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