October 4th 2016

Today I started packing. Well, kind of. Not really. I mean, I got some cardboard boxes out of my car and put them in the room with the rest of the stuff that I’m taking with me when I move out on Friday. IMG_6192.JPG

From that photo, it doesn’t look like I’m taking much with me to the new house, but that’s because 1) I haven’t packed yet, and 2) it’s all in various garages across the town. I was supposed to begin putting loads of my crap in those boxes tonight, but I was too tired and ill, so I just stood there and stared at it whilst becoming overwhelmed with my impending adulthood.

I’ve moved out before, on three occasions I left home to go to University. On one occasion I left home to go travelling. Leaving home isn’t new to me, it’s the whole “not coming back” that will be new. (I mean, obviously I’ll come back at some point, but for like… half an hour… not forever…) 

Packing is all that is left to do, pre-move, now. But that involves collating the sum of my possessions, which now include things like cushions, and wardrobes, and TV stands. Actually, saying that, we don’t yet have a mattress. And I feel like a mattress is going to be at least partially crucial.

The evenings of tomorrow and Thursday must now be spent putting things into suitcases and boxes, and perhaps bin bags.

I paid the deposit today, and first months rent. The most amount of money that has ever left my bank account in one go. There’s no going back now. Not that I want to go back. I’m actually really looking forward to it. It’s just, I don’t know, scary? Not scary… it’s exciting, but it’s… weird? Maybe. There’s a word that describes the feeling. There’s definitely some anxiety, and apprehension, but mainly it’s just wonderment. Because I have no idea what to expect. I don’t know what it’s going to be like. I assume it will be normal life, right? I guess so. I go to work, I come home, I eat dinner, except my Mum didn’t cook for me, Alice did.

What a funny situation this’ll be.

Until tomorrow, start packing.



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