October 5th 2016

Today I finished packing. I’m now basically ready to move out. The only things left in my wardrobe are clothes I’m going to be wearing over the next few days and clothes that don’t belong to me. My cupboards are empty, my shelves are bare and my suitcase is full. It only took a couple of hours to get everything into boxes and/or suitcases.IMG_6205.JPG

It was a chore, but some of it was quite satisfying. I got to see old documents and games I’d forgotten about. I got to stack books in a box and try to make them fit perfectly. FullSizeRender 23.jpg

I filled up five boxes, and two of them were just with books. One of them was with shoes, and one was labelled ‘Fun Stuff’, and it was filled of old games consoles that I both probably won’t use and really want to use. I thought this would be a good opportunity to have a clear out of things I didn’t need any more, but it turns out I’m pretty liberal with my possessions.

There were two boxes labelled ‘books’, the ‘Fun Stuff’ box, a box labelled ‘Shoes’ and the last box was a shoebox labelled ‘Memories’ or something. It turns out I’m a bit of a hoarder, and I’ve kept train tickets and cinema stubs and cards and jewellery from various trips and journeys both physical and emotional (deep) that I’ve undertaken in my life.

That’s coming with me. I don’t know what half of it represents, but it was clearly put there for a reason. Either that, or the bin was full.

I filled an entire suitcase with clothes, and then I was about done. A harmless boxing of my entire life. Apparently my life can be summed up by ‘books, books, shoes, fun stuff, and memories’

Sounds great.

Mum helped, or rather, she sat there and tried not to cry. Her helping was kind of making a rod for her own back, really. (whatever the fuck that phrase means…) And now, I guess there’s just tomorrow left and then I move out.

And move in with Alice.


Until tomorrow, gulp…



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