October 7th 2016

Today was day one of our house move weekend. 

I got up bright and early and filled my car with as many boxes as the poor thing could carry and set off down the dual carriageway. I went to the estate agents and collected the keys, and it didn’t feel as momentous as I’d expected. 

We drove to the house and I unlocked my front door for the first time. I crossed a threshold both physically and mentally. 

The house was completely empty. So I just walked around it alone for a few minutes. There was an empty echo as my footsteps hit the carpet. 

My Mum and Dad helped me unpack my car. We loaded boxes into the house, and unloaded Dad’s van. 

The job started today and will conclude tomorrow. 

Today we unpacked boxes and suitcases of clothes and books. There was no big furniture or fluffy cushions. So when we were finished the house was still empty, and echoey, and cold. 

Alice came home at lunch and we ate on the floor because we didn’t bring the table with us. All of the furniture is coming tomorrow, today was for boxes. 

It still doesn’t feel 100% real, and I’m not sure when it will. Perhaps tomorrow when we sit down on our sofa for the first time. When everyone has left, and the dust has settled and the house is furnished. And there will be a lull. After the chaos and before the madness. 

Our own house. Madness. 

We have one more half day of chaos before the participle of the verb ‘to move’ completes its transition from future to present to past. 

Until tomorrow, madness. 



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