October 8th 2016

Today we’re officially moved in to our first house. 

Throughout the course of the day we’ve left and arrived back at the house for varying reasons with various amounts of stuff packed into the cars and vans of our convoy. 

Alice got here first, and unpacked the bed, the sofa, the TV, and stuff. We arrived a bit later with a fridge, a chair, a table. At some point between our arrivals Alice realised that there was no electricity, so of course we started to panic. We figured it was something we’d done wrong, but after some careful investigation we found that the whole street had experienced a power cut. It was at that point that we met our neighbour. An 85 year old lady called Megan. 

Wild neighbourhood. 

At some point during my second return trip in the van the bedroom changed completely and went from a room for storing boxes to a room for sleeping. 

Alice and the rest of the girls (our mums) had made the house look like a home. And when I came back, I was so excited. 

Eventually there was nothing that people could help us with any more. So people left, and we went food shopping for the first together. 

Weirdly, I’d been really looking forward to food shopping. It’s almost ritualistic, and quintessential of a couple that lives together. Pushing a shopping trolley through the aisles with me beckoning “do we need that?” And her sayin. “We’ve got that” and me clarifying “we’ve got that?”

Ignoring how much money we spent, it was an enjoyable experience. Even when we came home and she made me clean the fridge. Well, she cleaned the fridge and I assisted. 

As, we’re told, is tradition on the day you move in, we ordered a takeaway. Two large Domino’s pizzas and three side orders. Perhaps too much food. Perhaps not. 

Because we have no internet yet, we spent the evening entertaining ourselves by playing Crash Bandicoot on the PS2 in front of the fire – because we still haven’t figured out the central heating. 

 And it didn’t feel weird. We thought it would feel weird. This is just life now. It’s life as it’s always been, except together. 

Until tomorrow, it’s perfect. 



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